Rocky Mountain 8 day 7 night Tour 2021 | 8 Days | 2021

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Rocky Mountain 8 day 7 night Tour

8 days 7 nights
Vancouver, Kelowna,

Fully-Guided Tour Highlights:

Gain a whole new perspective on the culture and heritage of the west coast of Canada on this trip of a lifetime! Find beauty like none other at every turn, featuring highlights such as the iconic Emerald Lake, which is said to be one of the top lakes in Canada, as well as the glass-bottomed Glacier Skywalk over the Columbia Icefield. Prepare to be blown away by the fabulous sights and majestic views of the Canadian Rockies from well-known destinations as well as a few hidden gems. After long days of exploration, unwind at only the best Fairmont hotels in the midst of welcoming spirited communities. An experience like none other, this trip is suitable for all travellers—and especially the nature-loving! So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

Calgary | Explore the town of Calgary and its history in an enthralling city tour 

  • The beginning of an adventure of a lifetime, Calgary serves as a gateway to the Rocky Mountains
  • Explore Calgary and its history with a fabulous tour of the city

Banff | Travel along one of the most scenic highways in the world

  • Take a short gondola ride up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain, where a breathtaking view over the nearby mountain ranges awaits
  • Travel along the Icefield Parkway, recognized as one of the most picturesque highways in the world

Jasper | A snowy utopian highlight

  • Surround yourself with skyscraping, snow-capped mountains up on the Columbia Icefield
  • On the Glacier Skywalk, look down through the glass bottom at the scenery all around you

Lake Louise | Adventure to one of the top ten lakes in Canada

  • Admire the view of the Canadian Rockies from the lakeside of Bow Lake
  • Discover Emerald Lake, with its iconic emerald-green waters earning it its recognition as one of the top ten lakes in Canada

Luxury Accommodations

Calgary: Fairmont Palliser Calgary

Comfortable, cozy and chic!

Banff: Fairmont Banff Springs

A tennis court, a fitness centre, two pools (lap/heated) and a spa—the definition of paradise!

Jasper: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Warm and relaxing, the Jasper Park Lodge is a home away from home.

Lake Louise: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Elegantly decorated, with picturesque backdrop of Lake Louise.

Culinary Experiences

Providing excellent culinary experiences is a speciality we are very proud of. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. This trip features a lakeside lunch, a winery feast at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery in the Okanagan, as well as many opportunities to taste the fantastic local cuisine.


Open All Days
USA/Canada aircraft-icon
Welcome to ! For guests within our pickup timeframe, a Supera representative will greet you at the arrival airport. Have a wonderful journey with us!
USA to Calgary (YYC)

Depart from your home airport, have a great flight! Please arrange your flight arrival to be between 11:30AM~12:30PM at the YYC airport. 

Calgary City Tour: The fourth largest city in Canada and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains to the west, Calgary is nothing short of breathtaking. Within the town, modern high-rise buildings can be frequently observed, which were once a symbol of prosperity; learn so much more about the city of Calgary on this city tour!

Light Meal
Selected Dinner
Fairmont Palliser Calgary
       80 miles, 1.5hrs 
 Minnewanka Lake
        3.5 miles, 15min 
  Surprise Corner
         2 miles, 10min 
Bow Falls/Banff Springs Hotel
       0.8 miles, 5min 
 Cascades of Time GardensBanff
        0.8 miles, 5min    
Lake Minnewanka: Relax by the lakeshore and overlook serene deep-blue waters at Lake Minnewanka. On your way to the lake, keep an eye out for wildlife such as elk, bears, or big-horned sheep, who are all known to frequent the area!
Surprise Corner: The 'Surprise' that earned this viewpoint its well-known nickname is the sudden appearance of the astounding view of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and its surrounding mountain range and nature. Enjoy the spectacular scenery from this famous viewpoint!
Bow Falls: An iconic and historic attraction in Banff, enjoy a laid-back riverside walk up to the splendid Bow Falls, suitable for all! Take a peek at the many informational posts dotted along the way before reaching the distinctive shape of Bow Falls.
Cascades of Time Gardens: This is a time-themed garden of waterfalls located in the center of Banff. While walking on the colorful and intricately textured stone roads, admire the waterfalls on the rock formations, pavilions, and small bridges: an oasis in the heart of the bustle of the town!
Local Specialties 
Banff's Signature Lunch 
Local Specialties
Fairmont Banff Springs
       3.6 miles, 15min  
  Hoodoos Viewpoint
        5.3 miles, 15min 
Banff Gondola/Sulphur Mountain
       27 miles, 1hr15min
Johnston Canyon
       3.5 miles, 30min
Castle Mountain Viewpoint
       23 miles, 45min

Hoodos Trail: Taking millions of years to form, the Hoodoos are nothing less than spectacular. Their naturally-occuring unique geological structures render them a highlight of this trip!

Sulphur Mountain: Take a short and sweet gondola ride up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain—then from there, enjoy an out-of-this-world view over the six neighbouring mountain ranges, as well as the town of Banff and the ever-impressive Bow Valley.

Johnston Canyon: Breathe in the stillness of the woods and overhanging walls of limestone bedrock before reaching the viewpoint over the staggeringly memorable Johnston Canyon. Keep a lookout for dippers, a cheery grey-coloured bird known to bob around in the nearby areas to the canyon.

Castle Mountain: Castle Mountain's unique castellated shape makes this seemingly unassuming mountain a highlight! Don't believe it? Wait until you see this beautiful mountain in all its glory up close! 

Hotel Breakfast
Fine Local Cuisine
Local Specialties
Fairmont Banff Springs
60 miles, 1hr15min
Bow Lake
58 miles, 1.5hrs
Columbia Icefield/Glacier Skywalk
66 miles, 1.5hrs

Bow Lake: Complete with magnificent views of the Canadian Rockies, Bow Lake is the perfect stop to admire and snap a few photos of the gorgeous snow-capped mountains and clear, pristine water.

Icefield Parkway: Icefield Parkway is said to be one of the most scenic highways in the world—and for good reason! Rushing waterfalls, stretching forests as far as the eye can see; not to mention the towering mountains at every turn!

Athabasca Glacier: Pack a coat in preparation of trekking among the year-round snow atop Athabasca Glacier! Its ice is in constant motion—resembling a stunning frozen river.

Glacier Skywalk: Highlighted with an unbelievable view of the surrounding mountains with its glass bottom the Glacier Skywalk is bound to be a unique experience for all visitors.

Hotel Breakfast
Light meal
Jasper Town Dinner
Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
       7.8 miles, 30min 
 Pyramid Lake
        33 miles, 1hr20min 
Maligne Lake/Spirit Island
       25 miles, 30min
Maligne Canyon
       7.5 miles, 20min 
 Jasper Town
        4.6 miles, 20min 

Pyramid Lake: Pyramid Lake is a small, cultured lake including a short lakeside trail and a phenomenal mountain backdrop. Feel at peace in the midst of the serene landscape.

Maligne Lake: As the largest natural lake in all of the Canadian Rockies, Maligne Lake is sure to take your breath away. Its serene and deep blue waters encompassed by rolling mountains make this destination a special experience.

Spirit Island: Spirit Island is one of the most photographed locations across the whole of Canada! Enjoy a fun boat ride on the way there, and discover the adventure in this hidden wildlife paradise!

Maligne Canyon: The Maligne Canyon is the deepest canyon in the Rockies. Watch for wildlife as you hike along this scenic trail, bypassing waterfalls and beautifully constructed bridges. An adventure fit for everyone!

Medicine Lake: Formed over underground limestone caves by the Maligne River, Medicine Lake is home to quite a few species of wildlife! As well as the usual black bears, elk, and big horned-sheep in the area, some have even spotted moose, so stay on the lookout!

Jasper Town: Discover a rich mountain culture in the humble, quaint town of Jasper, tucked into the Canadian Rockies. Complete with an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding nature and dramatic mountains, Jasper is welcoming to all.

Hotel Breakfast
Lakeside Lunch
Fine Cuisine in Jasper  
Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
       25 miles, 1hr 
       Athabasca Falls
             15.5 miles, 30min 
Sunwapta Falls
       65 miles, 1.5hrs 
Mistaya Canyon
       24 miles, 30min 
Crowfoot Glacier
       32 miles, 55min 
Moraine Lake
       9 miles, 40min 
    Lake Louise

Athabasca Falls: One of the strongest waterfalls in the Rockies, the Athabasca Falls have carved a canyon from the force of its coursing waters. Come marvel at its beauty up close!

Sunwapta Falls: Take a stroll into the woods to reach an extraordinary view of the Sunwapta Falls! Take in the cascading waterfalls and the picturesque canyon that frames them.

Mistaya Canyon: In the language of the Cree First Nations, Mistaya means 'Grizzly Bear'. Keep an eye out for one on this short trail leading to a spectacular view of the canyon and the mountains beyond. 

Crowfoot Glacier: As you admire this all-together astounding glacier that is well worth the stop by, see if you can spot the 'claws' that earned Crowfoot Glacier its iconic name!

Moraine Lake: Situated in Banff National Park, this destination provides a lovely forest walk to a truly striking view of the pristine aquamarine waters of Moraine Lake.

Town of Lake Louise: Discover the highest town of Canada, at an altitude of 1540 meters, all while surrounded by the proudly looming neighbouring mountain range! 

Local Specialties
Selected Lunch
Fine Cuisine 
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Lake Louise
       28 miles, 1hr 
       Takakkaw Falls
             21 miles, 45min 
 Natural Bridge
        5 miles, 15min 
Emerald Lake
       26 miles, 50min 
Lake Louise

Takakkaw Falls: Located in Yoho National Park off the beaten path, lies a secret forest for hikers leading to the awe-striking Takakkaw Falls; don't miss out!

Natural Bridge: Naturally formed over time where once lay a rushing waterfall, Natural Bridge is an impressive rock formation and lookout spot that reminds us of the influence water has over us and our surroundings.

Emerald Lake: A peaceful, picturesque spot of wonder, Emerald Lake is recognized as one of the top lakes in the whole of Canada. With crisp, clean waters that live up to its name, it certainly is a must-see!

Lake Louise: The serenity that lies within Lake Louises' charmingly unique aquamarine waters astonishes travellers every time. Admire from several magnificent viewpoints!

Local Specialties
Lunch by Emerald Lake
Dinner in the Town of Lake Louise
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Lake Louise
       125 miles, 2hrs  

Departure time from Calgary airport (YYC) is from 4:00~6:00 PM. 

Have a safe flight home! See you next time!

Local Specialties
A great journey always feels short, let’s look forward to seeing each other again!
Visas for Russia

Please apply for a visa within 60-180 days before the departure date. The processing cost is $300USD + mailing fees (subject to change)

You may submit your application in person or by mail to your regional Russian visa office (contact us for more details). If you live in the following states, we can help submit an application package to the regional Russian Visa Center: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah. 

Materials needed:

Travel confirmation letter (provided by Supera Tours)
Online application (we will complete this for you based your completed questionnaire - download)
One passport photo (different from photo on passport)
Passport: Valid for more than 6 months (based on the end of our trip). Must have at least 2 contiguous, blank "VISA" pages
Processing time: 3-5 weeks after your passport(s) are received


Health & Safety 

Safety is our highest priority. We do ask you to be in reasonable health before joining this tour.
This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
Guests in wheelchairs may not be accommodated.
Pickpockets are common in Europe. Travel smart by making copies of your passport to keep on you and leaving hard copies and other valuables in our hotel safe.

 Dietary Restrictions

It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a particular meal restriction (i.e. no fish, no lamb, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

Porterage service included in all hotels where available.


  • Deposit:A deposit of per person is due within 7 days of reservation confirmation to secure your space on tour.
  • Balance:Due days before tour departure.
  • Flights:We are happy to arrange air tickets with the best balance between price and flight quality. If you are purchasing your own flights, please book according to our schedule below. If you are arriving/departing on the same day as our tour but outside timeframes, we may still be able to arrange service based on other flights - please contact us for transfer options. Please be aware missed portions of the itinerary will not be refunded. Prior to issuing tickets, please reconfirm with us to avoid unexpected expenses.
        • Pre/post hotels: We can help arrange hotels matching our tour schedule. For prices and availability, please contact our team.
        • Please review the Terms & Conditions before you book.
        • Is This Trip Right for Me?
          • Please see the Itinerary for activity levels and details.
          • Wheelchairs Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs welcome, but please understand some sites are not accessible. A companion to help with the wheelchair must accompany the guest.
          • Age Limit: For quality concerns, guests should be 2 years or older to join this tour
          • Dietary Restrictions: Following our tradition of encouraging our guests to “savor the world,” we arrange delicious local menus, but many restaurants cannot meet custom preferences. If you have a serious meal restriction (i.e., fatal allergy, vegetarian, etc.), please let us know before booking and we can check if it can be accommodated.
        • Accommodations:
          • Our rooms for this tour are reserved with twin rooms (2 beds/room), but hotels may have different configurations. Please refer to the Hotels section for details.
          • If you have special requirements, please inform us at time of booking so we may make arrangements as soon as possible.
          • For guest privacy and security considerations, we do not have single sharing arrangements.
        • Visas:
          • Please be aware once a visa is processed by Supera, we will not be able to provide a refund under any circumstances.
        • Passports:
          • Please provide a copy of your passport at sign up; we recommend having a copy of your passport with you in case of emergencies.
          • Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining and two blank “Visa” pages.
        • Flights and Luggage:
          • Some airlines charge a fee for pre-assigned seats. If so, we will let you know the details at time of booking.
          • If you are booking your own tickets, we recommend reserving at least 3 hours connecting time between international airports.
          • Luggage allowances will vary based on the rules for each airline. Excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler.

        Stays of a Lifetime

        Don't be too tired to remember your trip!
        A hotel is not merely a place to rest your head. We hand-pick each one to give you comfort, great views, unique experiences, and above all, memorability. We carefully consider locations to let your mind, body, and spirit wander freely while feeling at home.

        Barbara & Clair A.
        (October 18, 2018) Barbara & Clair A.

        TERRIFIC TOUR — When traveling you want everything to be perfect. That's exactly what you do -- build perfect package tours. You packed a lot in this tour. We had high expectations for our Russia trip in general and it didn't disappoint. Russia was a dream vacation....

        -guest email

        Chrisine O.
        (September 1, 2018) Chrisine O.

        ..thank you very much for making the arrangements for us to enjoy Russia. This place was very beautiful, I greatly appreciate your team for arranging this for me. -- I really enjoyed my time on this trip! It was really great getting to see Russia. I felt really comfortable with all the accomodations offered.

        Emily L.
        (September 1, 2018) Emily L.

        The local tour guides were the best I have ever experienced! The tour leader (Andrew Pai) was fantastic!

        -on tour survey