Central Taiwan Family Tour 2023 | 6 Days |

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Central Taiwan Family Tour

6 days 4 nights
Taipei, Sanyi, Taichung, Changhua, Sun Moon Lake

Centuries-Old Traditions Surrounded by Nature

Fascinating poetry and art made of water and sand,
Filled with the aroma of homemade coffee and tea,
Find a land of contrasting forests and mountains, cities and countryside,
Tidal wetlands and alpine lakes entice us back to mother earth,
Let's share this beautiful treasure island infused with ancient culture and pure nature.



This itinerary available as a private charter with custom dates. Please call 877-388-1777 for more information.


  • Dip into nature to appreciate the stunning mountains and rivers of Taiwan
    • Old Mountain Line Rail Bike: Climb to the top overlooking a 360-degree landscape and visit magnificent historical sites
    • Lugao Coffee Manor: Take your taste buds on a journey as you enjoy a cup of coffee with stunning scenery in the background
    • Fangyuan Wetlands: Experience the local tradition of oxcart picking oysters, a fun and educational eco-journey
  • Discover the cultural landscape of central and western Taiwan:
    • Chuntian Kiln Pottery Park: Make pottery with your own hands, sip traditional ground tea (Lei cha) and enjoy the slow-paced art of living of the Taiwanese countryside.
    • Wufeng Lin Family Garden: Under the great ceremonial hall, enjoy a cup of tea, taste local snacks, listen to traditional music and imagine yourself as a famous official from an age long gone.
    • Chengmei Cultural Park: Combining culture and nature, it is home to the century-old "Chengmei House" and the Japanese-style garden Peace Garden.
    • Sun Moon Lake: Experience the changing beauty of the lake from different perspectives.
      • Water – Try Stand-Up Paddling and skim the lake with a fun new experience.
      • Land – Take a stroll along the lakeside path or ride a bicycle around the lake in the early morning, and enjoy the morning light reflection of a misty sky over the tranquil waters.
      • Sky – At dusk, enjoy the highest private viewpoint overlooking the Sun Moon Lake and marvel at the sun setting behind mountains with a 270° panoramic view, (arranged when staying at Fleur de Chine hotel).
  • Traditional exquisite delicacies and local snacks: a feast for your taste buds.
    • Carefully selected Hakka gastronomy: local ingredients combined with the three pillars of Hakka cuisine "fat, salt and fragrance" to create unique and innovative Hakka cuisine.
    • Shaoxing Banquet: Chosen as a state banquet for five visiting heads of state. It is a creative fusion between Shanghainese and Taiwanese cuisine blended with fragrant wine. The ingredients are adapted according to the seasons so you may enjoy the freshest and most local traditional delicacies.


Open All Days
USA/Canada aircraft-icon
28 mi
, 1 hr

Dinner in Double Decker Bus
Dinner in Double Decker Bus
5 Star Cuisine
5 Star Cuisine
Welcome to ! For guests within our pickup timeframe, a Supera representative will greet you at the arrival airport. Have a wonderful journey with us!

Taipei: A luxury dining car is specially arranged to welcome you and kick off your journey in style.

  • Double-decker dining car: Take a night tour of downtown Taipei in a sightseeing dining car, enjoy a five-star gourmet meal, and enjoy the beautiful nightscape with Taipei 101 through the panoramic rooftop. (The menu is regularly adjusted to reflect the most seasonal ingredients available)
Bus Food Tour
The Okura Prestige Taipei
Taipei 2
86 mi
, 2 hrs

Sanyi 2
20 mi
, 45 mins

Chun Tian Arts
Chun Tian Arts
Old Mountain Route Rail Bike
Old Mountain Route Rail Bike
  • Sanyi

    • Chun Tian Arts:
      Returning to the beauty of the countryside.
      • Make your own pottery:
        Once the prime industry in Miaoli, ceramics here are known for their high quality. Under the guidance of local teachers, make your own pottery and let your creativity run free.
      • Lei Cha Experience:
        Hakka style tea making. Tea leaves are the base, but the experience of making Lei Cha is similar to preparing a cocktail thanks to a complex range of ingredients you may add.
    • Old Mountain Railway Bike:
      Pedal (or drive) a "train" on an old mountain line. A fun and slow way of travel to fully enjoy nature up close.
      • Highlights: Yutengping Iron Bridge and Longteng Broken Bridge Ruins.
      • The unique layers of beautifully connected caves and tunnels make it feel like you are entering a mysterious adventure across time and space.
      • Liyu Lake Reservoir: Enjoy the natural green beauty of the surrounding landscape reflected in the calm reservoir waters.
Hotel Breakfast
Hakka Cuisine
Not included - Explore with our helpful maps & suggestions
The Lin Hotel Taichung
Taichung 2
15 mi
, 30 mins

Changhua 2
15 mi
, 30 mins

Chen Mei Cultural Park
Chen Mei Cultural Park
Fangyuan Wetland
Fangyuan Wetland
    • Chen Mei Cultural Park:
      Taiwanese version of Kenroku-en Garden
    • Small bridges, waterfalls, ponds, seasonal flowers and plants, perfect for a slow stroll that feels like you are in Kenroku-en, Japan.
    • Discover the century-old tradition of making oil-paper umbrellas in Meinong.
    • From January to March, the cypresses in the park turn red and lend themselves to the appreciative gaze of visitors.
  • Fangyuan Wetland:
    Experience an unusual hundred-year old tradition: "sea ox culture" 
    • Ride an ox cart to the oyster fields during the retreating tide for a two-in-one experience: try picking oysters and get involved in the ox's bath!
    • Stroll onto a beautiful walkway above the mangrove forest in Fangyuan Wetland.
Hotel Breakfast
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Cuisine
The Lin Hotel Taichung
18 mi
, 40 mins

38 mi
, 1 hr

Sun Moon Lake
Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden
Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden
Lugao Coffee Manor
Lugao Coffee Manor
  • Wufeng

    • Wufeng Lin Family Complex:
      • Walk into the magnificent courtyard and listen to the Lin family history - a splendid window into the 20th century history of Taiwan.
      • Visit the majestic flower hall where you can listen to a musical performance and enjoy traditional Taiwanese pastries. The experience will feel like a trip through time, as you find out what leisure and entertainment were like during the Qing Dynasty.


    • Lugao Coffee Manor:
      Seize the chance to explore the unique local tea and coffee aromas as you relax surrounded by the mountain scenery.
Hotel Breakfast
Handpicked Local Specialties
Fleur de Chine Buffet
Fleur De Chine (Lakeview Rooms)
Sun Moon Lake 2
38 mi
, 1 hr

Xinshe 2
105 mi
, 2.5 hrs

Next Destination
Stunning Beauty at Sun Moon Lake
Stunning Beauty at Sun Moon Lake
Orchard Picnic
Orchard Picnic
  • Sun Moon Lake: 
    No morning call! Wake up when you please, enjoy the hotel facilities, or just bring your favorite book, sit on the balcony and enjoy the sun ray's sparkling reflections on the lake.
  • Suggested activities:
    • In the early morning walk along the shore of the lake and appreciate the ethereal beauty of the cold morning mist glowing above emerald green waters (the walk is 1 mile long, about 1 hour on foot, Difficulty: ◆◇◇◇◇)
    • Try Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) and watch the sunrise over the Sun Moon Lake from a different angle! It's up to you if you want to race around, sit down or just lie on your board and float freely with the wind.


  • Xinshe:
    Come to a romantic feast under the grape vines and enjoy the fruit-picking experience.
A great journey always feels short, let’s look forward to seeing each other again!
Hotel Buffet
Zen Style Omakase Chinese Cuisine

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This itinerary also available as a private charter with custom dates
Please call 877-388-1777 for more information

Group Size Price per person 
(double or triple occupancy)*
Single Room
6-9 $3250/4550 $4200/5880
10-14 $2750/3850 $3700/5200
15-19 $2500/3500 $3450/4850
20+ $2250/3150 $3200/4500

* Sample fares based on low season. Airfare excluded.

  • Deposit:A deposit of per person is due within 7 days of reservation confirmation to secure your space on tour.
  • Balance:Due days before tour departure.
  • Flights:We are happy to arrange air tickets with the best balance between price and flight quality. If you are purchasing your own flights, please book according to our schedule below. If you are arriving/departing on the same day as our tour but outside timeframes, we may still be able to arrange service based on other flights - please contact us for transfer options. Please be aware missed portions of the itinerary will not be refunded. Prior to issuing tickets, please reconfirm with us to avoid unexpected expenses.
        • Pre/post hotels: We can help arrange hotels matching our tour schedule. For prices and availability, please contact our team.
        • Please review the Terms & Conditions before you book.
        • Is This Trip Right for Me?
          • Please see the Itinerary for activity levels and details.
          • Wheelchairs Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs welcome, but please understand some sites are not accessible. A companion to help with the wheelchair must accompany the guest.
          • Age Limit: For quality concerns, guests should be 2 years or older to join this tour
          • Dietary Restrictions: Following our tradition of encouraging our guests to “savor the world,” we arrange delicious local menus, but many restaurants cannot meet custom preferences. If you have a serious meal restriction (i.e., fatal allergy, vegetarian, etc.), please let us know before booking and we can check if it can be accommodated.
        • Accommodations:
          • Our rooms for this tour are reserved with twin rooms (2 beds/room), but hotels may have different configurations. Please refer to the Hotels section for details.
          • If you have special requirements, please inform us at time of booking so we may make arrangements as soon as possible.
          • For guest privacy and security considerations, we do not have single sharing arrangements.
        • Visas:
          • Please check if you are required to have the R.O.C. Visa and complete all processes needed before departure.
          • P.R.C., Hong Kong, and Macao passport holders must apply for an Entry/Exit Permit. Please contact us for more information.
          • Please be aware once a visa is processed by Supera, we will not be able to provide a refund under any circumstances.
        • Passports:
          • Please provide a copy of your passport at sign up; we recommend having a copy of your passport with you in case of emergencies.
          • Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining and two blank “Visa” pages.
        • Flights and Luggage:
          • Some airlines charge a fee for pre-assigned seats. If so, we will let you know the details at time of booking.
          • If you are booking your own tickets, we recommend reserving at least 3 hours connecting time between international airports.
          • Luggage allowances will vary based on the rules for each airline. Excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler.

        Stays of a Lifetime

        Don't be too tired to remember your trip!
        A hotel is not merely a place to rest your head. We hand-pick each one to give you comfort, great views, unique experiences, and above all, memorability. We carefully consider locations to let your mind, body, and spirit wander freely while feeling at home.

        Taipei :

        The Okura Prestige Taipei

        Located in the heart of Taipei city with easy access to transportation, dining, and shopping, this 5-star property offers guests the ultimate comfort and conveniences. Guests may also enjoy the gym on the top floor as well as the rooftop open-air heated pool overlooking Taipei 101 building. 

        Prestige Room    
        43 m² (463 ft²)
        120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
        200 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
        Arranged with Prestige Room + Rollaway Bed (120 x 200 cm)

        Taichung :

        The Lin Hotel Taichung

        都會客房 Hoddywood Twin Room    
        50 m² (538 ft²)
        110 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
        180 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
        Arranged with 150 x 200 cm * 2床

        Sun Moon Lake :

        Fleur De Chine

        This hotel is the first top-rated hotel to have a natural spa facility. Located in the northern area of the lake, the entire hotel faces the lake with large floor to ceiling windows that allow the natural beauty of the lake to enter. This open design lets guests enjoy unobstructed views.

        Family Lake View Room    
        43 m² (463 ft²)
        152 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
        182 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
        Arranged with Family Lake View Room w/ 2 Queen Beds
        "In-room bath with lake view" only available with Double rooms. Other room types include lakefront view, but not from bath. Please let us know in advance if you prefer Double.